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Competitive Strategy for Coca-Cola Company- myassignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about theCompetitive Strategy for Coca-Cola Company. Answer: Introduction Established in 1886, the Coca-Cola Company is one of the unique and oldest brands in the sector of carbonated soft drink. Along with the most guarded secret in the history of world business, Coca-cola has grown as a corporation over almost two centuries. Spread over almost all the countries except Cuba and North Korea, Coca-cola has achieved a status, which was unimaginable for a soft drink company before its genesis. Among PepsiCo, Cott, Faygo, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group and Jones Soda; Coca-Cola remains favourite due to its innovative marketing strategies, secret ingredient and most importantly variety of products it offers (De Mooij 2013). Adaptation The key to win over the global market is the ability to adapt according to various economic and geographical boundaries. Coca-cola sells its products in the major cities of US and Europe in one hand, whereas on the other hand it has also set its foot in the interiors of Africa and other third world nations. The soft drink company has implied of strategy of recycling of the packaging material, distribution of dealership to the local dealers and has even deducted the cost of packaging from its sell price in order to allure the consumers in Africa. The sales of a soft drink company depend on four basic factors; availability, visibility, cooling and range in all economies (developed or emerging economies). The per-capita profit of Coca-cola products is low in the third world countries (Company et al., 2017). Coca-cola tries to create a connection between the brands and the consumers through various marketing strategies. The Coca-Cola Company has 900 production units for liquid and bottli ng plants, which explains its strong distribution system around the world. Coca-cola also spends about a 20 percent of their total budget in advertising in order to hold their market share. Aggregation The Coca-Cola Company has one of the best distribution systems across the world. The company had contracts with the food chains like Mc Donalds and Dominos as a part of the selling strategy around the world. As these two restaurant chains are spread over all the major cities around the world, Coca-Cola has used this strategy to reach its consumers and allure new among them. The structure of the company is subdivided into five geographical areas; North America, Latin America, Middle East and South Asia, Eastern and Central Europe and Africa (it contains 50 countries) (The Coca-cola Company 2017). The plants of Coca-cola are located all around the world in order to smoothen the supply chain. The corporation has also sponsored world events like FIFA World cup, Tour de France and Copa America as a global strategy to aggregate and increase the number of customers (Bhasin 2017). Arbitrage After Coke took over Parle in 1994 it took the advantage over Pepsi, as it got access to two hundred thousand of Parles retail outlets and 60 bottlers (Brandwatch 2017). The market shares of Coke reached upto about 60 percent after Parles inclusion in compared to Pepsis 26% in countries like India. . For cheaper labour it has running industrious units in India and China which also addresses and acts as a supply source in the large market of South Asia. This cuts down the cost of these products. Conclusion 75% of Cocacolas sales is dependent on soda in compared to 50% of Pepsi Co. per-capita drink consumption has reportedly decreased over the last decade ( 2017). Therefore, this is an alarming situation for Cocacola. Cocacola is building on its strategy of doing well outside US and make their US propositions better whereas Pepsi Co. has an edge over Coca-cola in the US. References De Mooij, M., 2013.Global marketing and advertising: Understanding cultural paradoxes. Sage Publications. Bhasin, H. (2017).Marketing strategy of Coca cola - Coca cola strategy. [online] Marketing91. Available at: [Accessed 22 May 2017]. Brandwatch. (2017).Coke vs Pepsi: Market Share Analysis on Social. [online] Available at: [Accessed 22 May 2017]. (2017).Coke Vs. Pepsi: By The Numbers. [online] Available at: [Accessed 22 May 2017]. 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[online] The Coca-Co la Company. Available at: [Accessed 22 May 2017]. The Coca Cola Company. (2017).Distribution and global adaptation. [online] Available at: [Accessed 22 May 2017].

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Types of Essay with explanation in English Language - how to get success in education

Effective essay writing becomes critical when it comes to success in education. Most of the time during studies we need to write essay in various forms of assignments or homework. Selecting the right essay makes essay writing more difficult. Always think about the audience of you essay. Audience are very important, it equally matters that selecting right audience according to the topic and type of an essay. Writing an impressive essay in front of wrong audience will decline its worth. Making and outline in which you think about audience, topic, type of an essay will make life easy. There are many types of essays but we need to know about the most popular. This will make our life easy. There are four main types of essays 1-Expository Essay This essay type contains the facts. The writer discusses the facts with justification. It is necessary to explain the topic with the help of statists, references and examples. This type of essay contains facts, so it necessary to keep writer’s feeling away. The reader does not feel that the author is biased. 2-Narrative Essay In narrative essay the writer tells a story. The story should be real not fiction. The writer should share his/ her personal experiences in narrative essay. This type of essay is helps students to think about their experiences and convert them into writing. This will help them in expressing their thoughts and feeling. 3-Descriptive Essay Descriptive essay’s names explain itself that it contains details. In this essay the writer explain each and every detail about the person, thing or place. Normally the length of this essay is long because it contains details. The details must be informative and facts. The flow of the must be good in order to maintain reader interest. 4-Persuasive Essay This essay contains expert’s opinion in a way that it can convince the reader on the writer point. This needs much explanation each and every aspect of the topic should be covered in a way that it can make strong case in front of reader. The reader should believe that the author point is accurate otherwise this essay will become meaningless. Explanations will helps writer to prove his/ her point, so try to use examples. We have discussed the most common types of essays. Now you have clear idea what is necessary in specific type of essay. This information will be useful in selecting the right type of an essay. Selecting the right essay make writing easy. After selecting an essay the writer must follow other steps that experts believe make 50 % time and make essay writing more effective,. According to an expert essay writer at , proper research is necessary before starting the process of essay writing. The student can enjoy essay writing if they have a reading habit. Those students who love reading finds essay writing easy whereas other feels it very difficult. It is nearly impossible to avoid essay writing during student life. The only solution to this problem is to build a reading habit. It is not necessary that you should start reading many ages from day one. Building a reading habit is also a time taking process. If you believe reading will be helpful in your life because it will improve you knowl edge then you will start taking interest in reading. Everyone can write essay easily if they have something to say about the topic. Students feel boring during essay writing. If someone is not good at reading then he/she should listen carefully. This will also helpful but not as much as reading. There is no alternate of reading in this world. You should start reading from now in order to gain knowledge. This is the thing that distinguishes between good and bad students. It is impossible to be a good student without reading habit. Grammar mistakes also make students life tough. Reading will help in gaining knowledge, it will also improve grammar. Grammatical mistakes are the most popular reason for bad scoring in exams. An expert at essay help uk discussing the experience of checking student’s essays. He told that most of students writes essays just for gaining marks. This practice is the root cause of bad essay writing. Good essay writing can only be done by serious attitude. Students mostly fill pages for gaining marks. This is one of the reasons of bad scoring. When teacher reads an essay he/ she found no flow in the essay. The teacher always first identify the type of an essay then check whether certain criteria is fulfilled or not. When student start writing then he /she should select the right topic and type of an essay. This will improve their writing and score in the exam.

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Reading Schedule Essay Example

Reading Schedule Essay Example Reading Schedule Essay Reading Schedule Essay Week 1 Tuesday 01/15 Introduction/Syllabus/ â€Å"Where I’m From† poem Thursday 01/17 Read â€Å"Brainology† by Carol Dweck Week 2 Tuesday 01/22 Read â€Å"Ain’t I a Woman† and â€Å"The Men We Carry In Our Minds† Thursday 01/24 Active Reading and Analysis Standards (posted on Blackboard under writing and reading tools) Week 3 Tuesday 01/29 Read â€Å"Narration† in Patterns; Read I Love Yous Are for White People Ch. 1-3 Thursday 01/31 Read I Love Yous Are for White People Ch. 4-5 Week 4 Tuesday 02/5 Read I Love Yous Are for White People Ch. 6-7 Thursday 02/7 Read I Love Yous Are for White People Ch. 8 Week 5 Tuesday 02/12 Read I Love Yous Are for White People Ch. 9-11 Thursday 02/14 Read I Love Yous Are for White People Ch. 12 Week 6 Tuesday 02/19 Read I Love Yous Are for White People Ch. 13-14; Read I Love Yous Are for White People Epilogue, â€Å"About the book† and â€Å"Read on† Thursday 02/21 Read â€Å"Description† in Patterns page 143-148; Read â€Å"Exemplification† in Patterns page 199-201; Read â€Å"Process† in Patterns page 199-201 Week 7 Tuesday 02/26 Read â€Å"Cause and Effect† † in Patterns page 321-326; Read The Kite Runner pages 1-47 Thursday 02/28 Read The Kite Runner pages 48-58 Week 8 Tuesday 03/05 Read â€Å"Comparison and Contrast† in Patterns page 383-384; Read The Kite Runner pages 59-100 Thursday 03/07 The Kite Runner pages 101-124 Week 9 Tuesday 03/12 Read Classification and Division in Patterns pages 447-448 The Kite Runner pages 125-189 Thursday 03/14 The Kite Runner pages 190-223 Week 10 Tuesday 03/19 Read â€Å"Definition† in Patterns page 505-506; The Kite Runner pages 224-272 Thursday 03/21 The Kite Runner pages 273-292 Week 11 SPRING BREAK Tuesday 03/26 No Class Thursday 03/28 No Class Week 12 Tuesday 04/02 The Kite Runner pages 293-371 Thursday 04/04 Read â€Å"Argumentation† in Patterns page 547-548 Week 13 Tuesday 04/09 Read â€Å"Combining The Patterns† in Patterns page 705-706 Thursday 04/11 Read Scholarly Source Week 14 Tuesday 04/16 Read â€Å"Using Research in Your Writing† page 757-766 Thursday 04/18 Read â€Å"Using Research in Your Writing† page 766-782 Week 15 Tuesday 04/23 Read Scholarly Source Thursday 04/25 Read Scholarly Source Week 16 Tuesday 04/30 Read Scholarly Source Thursday 05/02 Read Scholarly Source Week 17 Tuesday 05/07 Read Scholarly Source Thursday05/09 Read Scholarly Source Week 18 Tuesday 05/14 Read Scholarly Source Thursday 05/16 Read Scholarly Source Week 19 Finals Week Tuesday 05/21 Final Exam

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Organizational Structure and Decision-Making Hierarchy Case Study - 17

Organizational Structure and Decision-Making Hierarchy - Case Study Example It is evidently clear from the discussion that a  formal structure would limit the abilities of employees to make immediate decisions. Apart from the owners, the two part-time employees also need to be in a position to make decisions as and when required. Since the business is consumer-oriented, delays may be having a negative impact on the company. Also, the two owners still do not have well-defined roles and responsibilities, hence it does not support a formal organizational structure. Therefore, it is best to have an informal organizational structure to start with.  Alex and Pat must adopt a vertical decision-making hierarchy in their coffee shop. The part-time employees will still have the ability to make immediate decisions at the basic level. The topmost authority with respect to strategy must be Alex because he spends more time in the shop. This means that he will have better knowledge about ground realities than Pat does and also will not have any extra responsibilities. Pat on the other hand also works at the advertising firm and has extra tasks and responsibilities to fulfill. Therefore, the two part-time employees will report to Alex. Even though Pat will play an equal role in strategy making the final say will remain with Alex as he is better equipped to make the decisions. This situation can remain until Pat is able to dedicate his full time to the coffee shop.